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September 15, 2023
ML Ruberton

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Equine Stables?

Owning and operating an equine stable can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor, but it also comes with its fair share of risks and responsibilities. Whether you run a small family barn or a large equestrian facility, protecting your investment, horses and business with the right insurance coverage is essential.

What Insurance Should an Equine Stable Consider?

The following are some coverage options you may want to consider as an equine stable owner:

  • Equine mortality insurance may provide compensation if one of your horses dies or has to be euthanized due to an illness, injury or accident. Equine mortality insurance helps mitigate the financial loss associated with losing a valuable asset and is essential for any equine stable, regardless of size.
  • Equine liability insurance is designed to help protect you if someone gets injured while on your property or while participating in equine-related activities under your supervision. This coverage can help cover medical expenses, legal fees and other costs associated with liability claims, helping safeguard your stable against potential lawsuits.
  • Property insurance may help cover damage or loss to your stable’s physical structures (e.g., barns, arenas and equipment) caused by perils such as fire, vandalism or severe weather. This insurance can help ensure your business can recover quickly from unforeseen disasters.
  • Care, custody and control insurance may provide coverage if a horse under your care is injured, becomes ill or dies while on your property. It may also protect you from potential lawsuits and financial losses resulting from such incidents.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance may compensate employees injured or ill while on the job. It helps ensure your workers receive proper medical care and wage replacement and protects your business from potential lawsuits related to workplace injuries.
  • Business interruption insurance may help cover lost income and continuing expenses if your business is temporarily unable to operate fully due to a covered event. This support can help you sustain financial stability as you work toward restoring your business operations.

Operating an equine stable comes with unique risks, but the right insurance coverage can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need. While insurance premiums can represent a significant expense, they are a wise investment in safeguarding your business and ensuring its longevity. With the right insurance in place, you can focus on what you love most—caring for and enjoying your horses—knowing that you’re prepared for any unexpected challenges that may arise in equine stables. Contact M.L. Ruberton Agency to discuss your insurance needs today.

This blog is intended for informational and educational use only. It is not exhaustive and should not be construed as legal advice. Please contact your insurance professional for further information.


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